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Washing Facilities in Kragan, Rembang

With a land area of ​​1.5 hectares equipped with the latest automatic sand washing machines with speeds of up to 40 tons per hour and sludge content of 1 to 2%.

The facility is equipped with digital weighing equipment for truck loads that are accurate and facilitates the administration of receiving factories from PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS).

The water used for washing is recycled within the facility, reducing water waste.

With the supply of silica sand from the mine as well as silica sand washing facilities owned by the company, it guarantees good quality and quantity for consumers of PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS).

Both washing locations belong to PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS) are on the main North Beach Road, with concrete road conditions, so that trucks with a large capacity of 30 tons access the location.

Guaranteed quantity of raw material supply is guaranteed due to infrastructure and is still accessible even during the raining season.